We Are Tangled Up in a Lot of Red Tape

I suppose that we need to find a person who is a local expert on company incorporation in Singapore, because we just have not been able to accomplish what we were trying to do and it is certainly not for lack of effort. In a lot of countries they would expect you to pay up in order to make these sorts of difficulties go away, but that does not seem to be the thing that is going on in this case. At any rate I am really happy about all of the other stuff that is going on since I got here. I seem to have parachuted in at the absolute perfect moment for this girl that I met. In fact she is the best friend of the girl they assigned to be my personal assistant and somehow she decided that I was the guy to get her out of her break up blues. I am not sure what the job is that they put me to do, but it has been a great pleasure for me so far.

At any rate the two of them have been showing me all of the best places in the city for eating out and dancing. Somehow my assistance found out that I played in some bands back in New Zealand. They tried to get me to play with some random guys at this place with an open microphone. I ended up playing a little, but of course a band needs more than four guys who do not know one another and it was not much of a success. Then Aisha began to sing with us. I learned that she was a lot more than just a pretty face just then. I had no clue, but she is sort of a local celebrity here from singing at bars and such.