I Should Graduate Next Year

Of course I came to school with a lot of college credit from taking advanced placement courses in high school and my first two years I went to school in the summer because I needed to get classes that were impossible to get enrolled in otherwise. On the other hand I had a girlfriend who was a tremendous distraction when I was a junior and I lost a lot of time, although I am not complaining. Right now my CompSci project is to work on a bitcoin trading app. That was my idea and I was unhappy when I learned that it had already been done. However I got hold of the existing app and figured out how they had done it. I disassembled it completely and tried to figure out how to do what I was doing and not do it so that they could claim I had copied what they had done. At the end I made something that was a lot more barebones than their app, since I did not have a team of people to work on it. I got a good grade and I learned how to do it.

Right now I am living with five other guys in an old house about five blocks away from the campus. The place a real madhouse and it is really hard to get a good night’s sleep when things are going like they can. Once a week we have to force some of the guys to clean up after themselves. There is a guy named Kyle and we told him that he would find his stuff out on the curb if he did not do something about the smell that comes out of his room. We do not know what it was, but it seems to have been really smelly laundry.