We Are Tangled Up in a Lot of Red Tape

I suppose that we need to find a person who is a local expert on company incorporation in Singapore, because we just have not been able to accomplish what we were trying to do and it is certainly not for lack of effort. In a lot of countries they would expect you to pay up in order to make these sorts of difficulties go away, but that does not seem to be the thing that is going on in this case. At any rate I am really happy about all of the other stuff that is going on since I got here. I seem to have parachuted in at the absolute perfect moment for this girl that I met. READ MORE

I Should Graduate Next Year

Of course I came to school with a lot of college credit from taking advanced placement courses in high school and my first two years I went to school in the summer because I needed to get classes that were impossible to get enrolled in otherwise. On the other hand I had a girlfriend who was a tremendous distraction when I was a junior and I lost a lot of time, although I am not complaining. Right now my CompSci project is to work on a bitcoin trading app. That was my idea and I was unhappy when I learned that it had already been done. However I got hold of the existing app and figured out how they had done it. READ MORE

Finally Faced with a Challenge

For the first two years of college, I’ve been able to get through my computer science classes without needed any outside help. The assignments were easy enough to understand, I could take the quizzes and tests and be through with them before anyone else while getting some of the highest scores in the class, and sometimes people would even come to me for help. Now that I’m in my third year, I’ve had to use a computer science homework helpers – website because the assignments that I’ve been getting have been harder to understand. For once, I feel as if I’m presented with a challenge.

The course that I’ve been taking has been doing some interesting things with logic gates. We’ve writing special programs that create simple items using the gates, and the state of the gates determines what the thing will do. For something that relies on only a couple of gates, the code that we have to write isn’t really that hard, but for anything with eight or more, things seem to be a bit more difficult. READ MORE

We Enter Online Contests Together

When I was younger, my mom used to get this magazine in the mail that was all about contests. She would spend a small fortune every month on stamps because that was the only way to enter the contests then. This was way before computers became a household item. I grew to love the giveaways and contests that she entered because she ended up winning some really cool things. However, I did not want to have to send things off in the mail to win an Amazon giveaway or to win a year’s worth of baked goods.

Thankfully, those times are in the past. READ MORE